About Us

A third-party logistics company for international bulk liquid logistics.

Our History

FGN Global Logistics was founded in 2012 to provide fully integrated flexitank logistics. By 2014, we had a national network of flexitank operations, including the first of eight rail trans-load facilities. Growing quickly, in 2019 we started offering ISO Tank services, and by 2021 we had the full suite of international liquid transport solutions. As a successful start-up over ten years ago, we are positioned well for the next ten years.

Our People

From our founding FGN has employed a unique management model for our industry. We have replaced low value-added activity with technology and hired fewer and more highly skilled logisticians who are financially incentivized to deliver superior service to our customers.  As a result, we have very low turnover, a superior management team, and an operations center in Vietnam that delivers quality production. 

Our Technology

Information technology was a key element of FGN’s founding strategy. Being “paperless and in the cloud” from the start, we have built of suite of transportation management solutions that are state-of-the-art. We continue to improve our systems and are presently integrating  elements of artificial intelligence into our systems in order to further boost productivity and facilitate the interface with our customers.

Our Goals

FGN’s strategy is to be the most highly effective third-party liquid logistics management company in the US market.  We are financially conservative and focus on maintaining a strong balance sheet. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal, but we also focus on delivering a balanced work life for our employees. Our goal is to work smarter, not harder, in order to deliver superior returns. 

“FGN is bringing a level of price and service competition to the flexitank logistics space which will benefit shippers for years to come.”

Base Oil Supply Chain Manager

“By taking a holistic approach and providing visibility to our inbound supply chain, we gained significant savings in our first year partnering with FGN.”

Chemical Logistics Manager