Bulk Transload

FGN Global Logistics manages transload operations in the ports of Savannah, Charleston, Houston, New Orleans, Oakland, Los Angeles and Tacoma, as well as in several international locations. We trans-load from flexitanks to railcars and/or tank trucks (and vice versa), providing a fully integrated, multi-modal liquid transport service.


How It Works For Exports

The customer dispatches railcars to our transload facility. FGN requisitions the proper loading units (Flexitank loaded containers, ISO Tank Containers, Tank Trucks or Ships) and coordinates their arrival to meet the railcars. We then trans-load the cargo from the railcar to the shipping units, return the railcars to the shipping origin, and prepare the shipment for export. We then manage and track the shipment to destination, including arranging for customs clearance, delivery and/or any other services required at the overseas destination. 


How It Works For Imports

FGN manages the movement of shipments from the overseas shipper’s door to the cargo’s final destination. We position flexitanks at origin, fit, load, and ship the containers by ocean carrier. At the destination port, we arrange for customs clearance. Once cleared, we move the containers to our transload facility and transfer the material to the waiting railcars or tank trucks. The railcars are then dispatched for final delivery. Finally, the spent flexitanks are disposed of and the containers are returned to the ocean carrier(s).


Information Technology

Interactive tracking and tracing portals provide complete visibility of shipments in transit. FGN integrates the information across all modes of transport and supplies documentation online. All information and documentation is available for collaborative supply chain management by all parties in the process.

Service Benefits

  • Importers and exporters located more than 1000 miles from port can use flexitank logistics
  • Exporters can move large volumes domestically and then “down pack” to flexitanks for lower volume international deliveries
  • Importers can use rail stock as “rolling inventory storage” and absorb volume “spikes” without incurring demurrage
  • FGN is able to manage all aspects of flexitank inventory, logistics, and information management

Delivering Customer Value with Integrated Logistics

One of the main challenges of flexitank shipping is picking up or delivering shipments at far inland origins and destinations. Dray charges can be a substantial part of the overall international transport cost. By transloading to rail or tank truck, costs can be vastly reduced, particularly in high-volume logistics programs.

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