Insurance Products

Insurance is an important and often overlooked part of the transportation process. FGN is uniquely positioned to offer the most appropriate insurance products for flexitank shipping.

Our flexitank specific coverage is based upon years of experience, industry “best practices,” ISO standards, and close cooperation with our Lloyds underwritten insurance providers. Contact FGN Global Logistics today for additional details.


Shippers Interest

An Ocean Carrier’s legal liability for damaged cargo is limited to $500.00 per customary shipping unit/container under the Carriage of Goods By Sea Act (COGSA). 

Not only can Ocean Carriers limit their liability, they can actually hold the shipper/consignee liable under certain circumstances by declaring a General Average. 

Protection against legal liability limits, General Average, and loss or damage from door-to-door, or any portion thereof, by electing Shipper’s Interest coverage through FGN Global Logistics.


Flexitank Manufacturer’s Liability Insurance

All FGN flexitanks are covered with $5 Million of Manufacturer’s Liability Insurance, as per the precepts of the Container Owners Association (COA).


Contingency or Seller’s Interest

Coverage for the total cost of your sales transaction if a foreign buyer refuses to pay for lost or damaged cargo.



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