Industries Served

International Liquid Logistics


The leading flexitank logistics company in the US.  Full integrated and intermodal solutions that reduce bulk liquid export costs.

ISO Tanks

Innovative tank container logistics solutions that improve transit times and lower tank lease and/or SOC carrying costs. 

Dry Containers

Complimentary import and export container services for unitized liquid cargo, as well as general ocean freight shipments.

Ship Charters

Parcel tanker and full ship charter brokerage services integrated with rail and surface transportation and logistics management.

Specialty Chemicals

International bulk shipping of specialty chemicals is our core business. We move large volumes of both hazardous and non-hazardous shipments, applying the appropriate modes of transportation to the products being shipped.  FGN maintains all the required licenses and insurance products to ensure the safe and legal handling of the chemicals we ship.

Agricultural Oils & Fertilizers

As the agricultural sector continues to innovate with new products designed for international markets, FGN has been on the forefront of developing logistics solutions for agricultural exports. Our port trans-load operations meet the demands of today’s high volume agricultural oil importers and exporters. The FGN Flexitank meets all food grade requirements.

Lubricants & Additives

Customized base oil and additive products are a good fit for our Flexitank logistics services. Shippers of Lubes and Greases use our low cost shipping process to access markets that would otherwise be impossible to exploit. Among our customers, we count some of the leading global oil, oil refining, and petro-chemical companies.

Oil Field Services

FGN Global Logistics suite of bulk liquid services supports the international shipping needs of the oil field services sector. Be it managing shipper owned fleets of ISO tanks or delivering Flexitanks to remote locations in South America, Asia or Africa, FGN is provides supply chain management and visibility to leading oil field services companies worldwide.