FGN Completes Incident Free Year

FGN Global Logistics is pleased to announce that we completed 2022 with a perfect safety record. We had no safety related service interruptions with any of the thousands of flexitank loaded containers we handled this year. Completing a calendar year without a single incident is a notable “first”.

When FGN came to market, we established an integrated flexitank logistics process that was designed to drive service quality and safety. This process, supported by a corporate culture of excellence, has resulted in an exceptional safety record over the years.  In 2022 we reached our greatest goal – a “zero-incident” year.

Credit goes to our operations leadership team, as well as to the FGN logisticians who operate shipments on a daily basis. Our global network of vendors also deserves special recognition, as many of our partners have provided FGN with years of dedicated, quality service.

High-quality flexitanks are of course key to service excellence and safety in our business. We note here our manufacturing partners and thank them for providing us with superb, best-in-class flexitanks.

During 2022 FGN expanded our service offering to include ISO tank fleet and shipment management. These new and innovative services are bringing the same efficiencies and quality of service to the ISO tank sector that we provide in the flexitank space. All indications are that FGN’s ISO tank service will help drive another year of outsized growth to our company.

Thank you to our customers, vendors, and employees for making 2022 another successful year for FGN Global Logistics!

Rob Parrish

Written by Rob Parrish

January 10, 2023