We Have Returned!

by | Dec 28, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Today FGN Global Logistics returned to our Charleston based headquarters office with all staff in good health and ready to take on the rest of 2020.

During our nine weeks away and working from our various homes, the company maintained its business, added some new accounts, and accomplished our financial goals. It is a tribute to our employees and their families that we accomplished so much while being apart.

We thank our customers for supporting FGN during the time away. We were able to continue working because our customers continued shipping. It is a testament to our customers’ commitment to their own companies that we could all keep moving forward.

Further, our vendors deserve a special thanks. Our truckers, trans-loaders, fitters, and flexitank factory workers continued their daily on-site work, without fail. It meant taking on a greater risk of exposure than most of us endured. We thank them for their dedication to their work.

This pandemic will bring permanent changes to the flexitank business environment. Industry consolidation appears to have accelerated, as several weaker companies have been absorbed or gone out of business. And the impact of China-U.S. economic decoupling has the potential to have a significant impact on flexitank logistics.

But coming out of the shutdown, we believe FGN is poised to be an even stronger company than before. In our ten years of being in business, this may have been our biggest challenge. If nothing else, we are now secure in the knowledge that even in the most difficult of times, FGN excels.

Written by Rob Parrish

December 28, 2022