The Annual “Another Good Year” Post

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FGN Global Logistics continues to grow our business with great success. In 2017 we maintained our historical top line revenue growth at 40%. Unlike previous years however, innovation and scale efficiencies brought notable increases in profitability. Our constantly improving software technologies coupled with higher volumes helped drive the higher net revenues.

During 2017 we also greatly expanded our intermodal logistics business. FGN now has the leading rail-to-flexitank network in the U. S., which is comprised of seven trans-loading sites that transfer large volumes of bulk liquids from rail to container. Our intermodal logistics solutions have opened new and profitable international markets to our customers.

Rob Parrish, FGN’s president, commented on the year’s accomplishments:

“For five consecutive years we have aimed for growth and investment levels that we knew would eventually impact our bottom line in a very positive way. In 2017 we reached that goal, which speaks well to the commitment and dedication of our employees.

Further, we got a great deal of positive feedback from our customers about the quality of our service and our ability to meet their logistics cost requirements. ”

Mr. Parrish sees 2018 as another great year for the company:

“At the beginning of 2017 we were confident it would be a good year due in no small part to the to improving economy. With several quarters of 3+% GDP growth, a dollar rate that was good for exporters, and stable ocean container pricing, FGN finally had a tail wind from a healthy economy in 2017.

In the coming year we believe our customers will again have a good business climate for their international sales and sourcing… one which should push our sales to new and significant heights.”

During this holiday season we want to thank our customers for their business and support. We also tip our hat to our fantastic vendor network, without which we could not deliver our logistics services. As we go off to spend some time with our families between Christmas and New Year’s, we wish the best of holiday seasons to all.

Written by Rob Parrish

December 19, 2017