The Best Flexitank Available

by | May 1, 2019 | Information | 0 comments

Recently one of our customers put our flexitank through a rigorous testing protocol prior to awarding us their business. The results came back superior to any other tank they had ever tested. It reminded us that in a busy business, we often don’t do enough to let our customers know that the FGN Flexitank is arguably the best and highest quality flexitank in the market.

With that in mind, here are some facts:

  • The FGN flexitank is the only tank available in the United States that is fully Container Owner’s Association (COA) compliant. It is accepted and fully authorized by all the Class One railroads and is pre-cleared to be shipped on every ocean carrier that accepts flexitanks.


  • We assemble our tank in a brand new, purpose built factory in Jakarta, Indonesia. By moving operations from China last year, we reduced trade, tariff, and tax risk and started producing our flexitank in a more hospitable and efficient manufacturing environment.


  • Scientex, a leading global plastic packaging supplier, manufactures our prime, virgin polyethylene film. In a market where some flexitank suppliers are struggling to make their own PE film, our film is produced by the best plastics packaging specialist in the world.


  • Scientex uses Exxon polyethylene, which is the most impenetrable PE being used in flexitanks today. High-density polyethylene restricts product migration/contamination, provides superior strength, and allows for a better-engineered flexitank.


  • The FGN Flexitank is a two-layer (PE), “bag-in-a-bag” configuration that has proved over the years to be the best design configuration for flexitanks. The 2 x 200 mm layers constitute the optimum weight of polyethylene per flexitank (greater than most others) and the polypropylene cloth outer layer is the heaviest tested weight we have observed in the market.


  • And finally, our flexitank comes with a fully integrated international logistics service that uses state-of-the-art, cloud-based and digital transportation management systems (TMS) operated by highly skilled, professional logisticians.

As the global flexitank industry continues to consolidate into fewer and fewer suppliers, FGN Global Logistics is preparing for our tenth anniversary in business. Offering what can be considered the highest quality flexitank available has been a key reason for our continued, long-term growth and success.

Written by Rob Parrish

May 1, 2019