U.S. Applies 25% Tariff to Chinese Manufactured Flexitanks

by | May 14, 2019 | Information | 0 comments

Flexitanks imported into the United States from China are now subject to a 25% import tariff. This is a result of restrictions implemented by the Trump Administration after the recent breakdown of trade talks with the Chinese government.

FGN moved our flexitank production from China to Indonesia in 2018 due in no small part because of “trade risk” related to China. The specter of import duty on our flexitank supply was very much part of our calculation when considering a new manufacturing location.

Low quality Chinese flexitanks will now have a more difficult time competing in the U.S. market. With their cost advantage reduced, Chinese firms will need to determine if they can continue their strategy of “buying” U.S. market share. We anticipate that they cannot.

FGN produces what many consider to be the best flexitank available in the global market. Integrated into our innovative, intermodal logistics processes, our flexitank is part of a high-quality product and service offering that delivers bulk liquid shipments at the lowest possible per unit cost.

With the new tariff on Chinese flexitanks, we expect FGN to continue to increase our share of U.S. flexitank market and secure our position as the leading flexitank logistics company in the United States and overseas.

Written by Rob Parrish

May 14, 2019